Day 11 & 12, Skirt Challenge

Day 11, we went to Seattle for homeschool field trip to the Pacific Science Center. Layers and coats were a must! 

Day 12,  Today we hit 81 degrees! Wow, it feels like summer, which meant summer outfits. I love my rayon skirt, the print is fun and goes with so many shirts! 
Miss E is wearing her midi length summer skirt from last year, and Miss J is wearing a skirt I made for a Magazine shoot last spring for Party Style Magazine (she got to be a model and keep the clothes and swag!)

Day 10 Skirt Challenge

A fun filled day of errands! We are all wearing skirts I have made.
My skirt is a lightweight knit, high- low hem. I really like this shade of grey, it's a good neutral with bright turquoise!

Day 8 & 9 Skirt Challenge

Day 8,  We went to church. I wore a white slip dress, that I bought at a yard sale, it was big and stained, but real silk and had potential!
I bleached it, and took it in. I love how it fits now, and the asymmetrical hem looks great.
I added a purple cardigan, and purple leather wedge sandals, then tossed on a turquoise necklace and brown/natural belt and I'm comfy and ready to go.
For day 9 (today) it's a denim skirt and tee day. I had a client come by this morning and she told me to enjoy wearing neon now because women over 30 shouldn't wear neon!
Well I was flattered, but I let her know I am well into my 30s, (I'm 34 in case anyone was wondering!) And I'm not giving up neon anytime soon. They make me happy! Have a bright, colorful Monday.

Day 7 Skirt Challenge

If you haven't noticed yesterday was skipped. Full disclaimer, on Fridays I work at a horse ranch, and it's not a place for the challenge!
So back to the skirts... Today is the prefect maxi skirt day, it's cool, but not raining, I'm helping with a wedding this afternoon so comfort is key. This skirt was a dress that I bought for $9.97 at Nordstrom Rack, made it into a skirt and get my money's worth! I love the colors, and I feel very curvy with the stripes cut at a diagonal. Add with a long sleeve t-shirt and I'm done.

Day 5 Skirt Challenge

Another rainy, cold day. We definitely needed layers. The girls and I wore skirts I made last fall.
My skirt I made out of a Jersey fitted sheet I bought at Bed Bath& Beyond, the color was perfect and it is super soft!
I love plaid and my Hunter boots are my absolute favorite color, a plum purple.
All photography credit today goes to my 4yr old son, he wanted to help, and did a great job, not one blurry photo!

Day 3 Skirt Challenge

Another cold, rainy day. But after yoga and doing farm chores, I'm back into my skirt. It's a raspberry knit Jersey, midcalf skirt. I love this fabric!! It's like wearing jammies.
Soft, stretchy and the color is a fave of mine. It was a big weird fitting dress that I bought at a yard sale last fall, and I knew this was a winner in the making. I'm a total t shirt and jeans girl, but this skirt is definitely going to be a great option!

Skirt challenge day 2

So I'm a bit behind, yesterday was day 1, and I scheduled the post for the wrong day. Oops!
Well today is maxi skirt Monday at our house. It's cold and a maxi is so comfy!
My girls are wearing skirts I made them for Christmas, and I'm wearing a gray skirt from Target.