Vintage Themed Wedding

 One of the bridesmaid, I had previously done her sisters' alterations for her wedding dress. I love when clients come back for something else! It means I'm doing my job and well!

This was a fun bridal party to work with for sure, hello full swing 50's style bridesmaid dresses in a cotton blend. Heaven! Not one bias, chiffon, silk, beaded dress in sight! 
I resized all three of the bridesmaid dresses and adjusted the bodice for the wedding dress as well. They went to Las Vegas for this wedding and I bet it was quite a party! 

Lace and Blush

This bride found the most beautiful dress, but the lace bodice we sheer and she wanted it to have more coverage. Luckily I had a nude, silk blend liner, and it worked perfectly! 
It also needed to be taken in through the bust and waist. 

It fit like a glove and she looked beautiful! 

I was also able to work with lovely ladies and re-size their bridesmaid dresses. Because even ordering  correct size dresses don't always fit! I really love the color of the blush chiffon they picked for the dresses. 

We wanted to keep the focus on the lace but still have the dress be modest and comfortable.

I get nervous at the receptions during eating of the cake. The couple is thinking about being cute by smearing cake in their faces, the whole time I'm thinking Don't Spill on the Dress! When it happens I'm usually the first to jump in and help the bride wipe it up. After all the hours I've spent with that dress, let's keep it clean people!

Tory Burch meets DVF

I found this fabric at the Stitching & Sewing Expo back in February. I wanted to make a nice summer dress. I love Tory Burch, I wanted something that was easy to pack and that didn't need to be ironed. This stretch poly-blend just spoke to me! The colors and the print was exactly what I was looking for.

I had a vintage Vogue pattern for a DVF look alike wrap dress. 

The final dress, it fit like a gloves, washes beautifully and goes with so many things!
 Hello Summer!

Skirt Challenge Wrap Up...The End

This is the wrap up of the Skirt Challenge. It was a really fun experience, there were a few days it was cold and I didn't want to wear a skirt or dress, but add some leggings or knee high socks and I was fine.